donderdag 20 augustus

Deur: 20:30 Start: 20:30 20:30:00

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  • Hardcore
  • Metal
  • Rock

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Over Jacklust
Jacklust was formed in Rotterdam, somewhere in late 2011 and consists of Andrelon addict Tizzy Wyre on the guitar, L’Oreal fanboy Tjeerd on..also the guitar (yes, they do clash as often as you’re imagining it right now. Seriously, they spend 90% of the rehearsal time just bashing each other’s hair products), funkmaster extraordinaire Bjorn ten Doom on ze bass, Pengui…eh..drum-smasher Staaaaaaann. 20 and our friendly giant Yellow, on the main vocals.

Having played with the likes of Sister, Adam Bomb, Rusted, and many more, having been played on English and American radio a dozen times, won a surprising amound of band battles, played at Baroeg Open Air (near the toilets where they belong) and were even featured on the compilation CD of the praised Devolution Magazine! They wreak havoc at the venues they play at and usually leave their fans wondering just one thing: “What the hell happened last night?”. Renowned for their fast lyrics, loud guitars, a ‘fuck things up’ attitude and their passionate love for ABBA, these guys are always in for a party, although they usually take it a bit too far.

They have released their first full length album called ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’ (Legends say that when you say it fast 10 times in a row…..you will become a succesful rapper, that’s right, we helped Eminem become famous) on November 10th which might be their most diverse and original album yet, probably one they won’t ever be able to top, so they’ll just keep re-recording and releasing it under a different name every 2 years of so, because they want your mone..uh, support.

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Over de CAPSlocked Sessions
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Waar kan ik Capsloc vinden?

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  • 010 – 258 78 50
  • info@capsloc.nl
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  • Metro: CAPSLOC ligt op loopafstand van metrostation Capelle Centrum (Metro lijn C)
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